January Past Box - Devoted Apparel, WODbook, San Franola Granola, Nordic Naturals, Raw Revolution
December Past Box - Heroes in Men, Liquid Ambition, Freek, Live Sore, RXBar, pureWOD
November Past Box - ASRS, Caffeine and Kilos, Athletic Edge, FITAID, Forge Fitness, Fuel for Fire, Mission Athlete
October Past Box - PB & Jerks, Uplif7, TEN Institute, Rocktape, RXBAR, Driven Nutrition, Wod Repair Lotion, Coromega
September Past Box - Lifter Clothing, Raw Revoltion, Adsorbion, Sore No More, Island Boost, Kill Cliff, Bulletproof
August Past Box - Strength Wraps, Fuel For Fire, EnerBee, Quest Nutrition, Dermalicious
July Past Box - Virix, ATP Extreme, The KnotOut, RxBar, Invigorade
June Past Box - ViewSport Apparel, Wod Repair Lotion, Competitive Nature Bar, BodyWorks Ball, Shwings, Formulx